Beginners Guide to Earn Money Online

Are you new to blogging? Or your traffic is too less to start earning. Tried getting AdSense approval, but failed? Answer to all these questions were what I was looking for. So I totally understand the need to start with some source of of money. Although to be honest earning money in blogging requires some time.

But it’s not early if you try those options which are available as soon as you get started with your blog. Right! What I did, I started with free blogging and searched for some ways to earn faster, because I needed to host my site (I promised myself to not spend a single penny). I went through many options, got rejected by many. Here, I tried to put all my experiences together that I think you should try too for your blog.

These are some alternatives for easy Monetization of your blog that can help you to have some pocket money. If not many posts at least some good looking attractive banners. Haha. Now I m trying to minimise because I have got some money for my investment. As it is rightly said, quality is the gem for your true followers and so for the organic traffic to your site.

You are looking for an easy and faster way for newbies and freebies. Then I m one of you. And I m going to share how I started earning in just one month, with less traffic and only a few posts. A disclaimer is I m just a student, everything I m telling is my own experience. Good point is that it was that easy for me. However, some say it takes months, but here’s how I earned my few dollars.

The list is of what I tried or know of before starting. I’ll tell you what I continued using.

1. Cuelink

This is the first approval I got on my site with only 4 posts. It has all the brand’s you’d like to suggest to your followers, whatever your niche is. Easy to connect to all with a single account. And this is the one I would suggest to everyone. You can it to your other sites as well, you Instagram, Twitter etc. if you are only looking for a to affiliate marketing. And can see your daily clicks, transactions, conversions and earnings at one place for all sites.

  • Easy to get approval (10 min to at max 1 day)
  • All brands for all niches (600+ Merchants)
  • Easiest to use, easy to go with less traffic. Depends on you how much purchase you bring. More the better.
  • Easy conversion tracking,
  • The commission is almost the same as you get after direct affiliation ( but there you don’t get approval). Good point right!
  • Minimum payout — ₹500 ( less than 10$)
  • Words monetization, widgets, coupons, banners

2. Admitad

I m keeping this as my second account for monetization. It is much same as I have told about Cuelink, with some differences that you’d need to apply for each advertisers of your choice in there again. So it’s like a place where you can have a track of all compaigns by advertisers. Amazon, Ajio are some of those that are easy to join.

  • Easy interface for banners and widgets
  • Easy conversion tracking
  • More than 1600 affiliate program, some are one click joinable, some may require traffic and content
  • Minimum payout 10$

3. Amazon Affiliate Program

  • No approval required, can start just after applying to it. User-friendly customers and affiliates. This is one of the three affiliation partner I use everywhere. As Amazon is among the largest e-commerce company, largely used all over the world, publishing their advertisement on your page is never a loss.
  • No affiliation requirements from your site ( can get approval at 0)
  • Commission 2–10%
  • Easy to use
  • Minimum payout 100$
  • How to join is explained here by Antsglobe Technologies on medium.

How to earn by blogging with less traffic and post. Easy Monetization of site. I m telling alternatives to Adsense

For the rest, I don’t have my own experience of using.

4. Viglink

I have it connected to my account but I haven’t used it yet. I’ll update as soon as I use it. But it is almost same as Admitad.

  • Easy to get approved
  • Though minimum payout is 10$.
  • It puts in-text affiliate link to words like mobiles, laptops, clothes, etc.
  • Takes 2–3 days for approval.
  • Multiple affiliate program at ease
    Dashboard to track your conversion rate

5. Adversal

  • Requirement — over 50,000 page views and you should have your own domain. Okay, don’t count it for new bloggers, but this widely used and recommended by many.
  • Otherwise, quick sign up and easy to use.
  • Minimum Payout 20$


Media . net is a leading global advertising company with one of the most comprehensive portfolios of advertising technology in the industry across search, native, display, mobile, local, products and video. It supply quality ads to over 500,000 websites. It is among the Top 5 largest ad tech companies worldwide.

  • It takes 2–3 days to review your site.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • Among the best contextual ads network.
  • Minimum payout is of 1000$.
  • Can only have traffic from US, UK and Canada

7. Skimlinks

  • More than 50,000 e-commerce merchants
  • Minimize payout of 10$
  • Automatic affiliate link to links in your site

These affiliate networks have most of the affiliate brand you might be looking for. Or else I suggest search any “ *Brand of your niche* affiliate” and try, along with any of the above.

posted by Nova on September 19, 2020, Originally at DEETsapp, check out there.



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